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Academy of Erudition's Ethics - Torah Law Studies - Learn the laws commanded by YHWH (the Creator) to those who keep his covenant.

About Us

We are here to support home schooling parents & those who seek extra help with their school work. The Academy of Erudition provides Lessons in Ethics & Morality, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language, Art, Music, Health with Free Educational links, Videos, Worksheets, Games, Quizzes & other Erudition Resources such as book recommendations.

Welcome to the Academy of Erudition

Customize Your Own Lessons

As a Home School parent or Private Educator, you have the opportunity to customize your curriculum. There are broad sources of subjects that you have the opportunity to tackle such as Black History, Your Own Religious Belief's or Financial Education just to name a few. Encourage your children's natural abilities.

Balance & Creative Thinking

You might get overwhelmed when you first start homeschooling your child or you might feel as if you're not properly "equipped" to provide the education your child needs.  Visit a library, do some researches online, sign up to for a couple of online courses or E-learning websites. Many free & paid resources on this site to help.

Where else can you get Erudition?

ERUDITION sounds like [er-yoo-dish-uhn, er-oo-] Definition: knowledge acquired by reading, study etc.; scholarship; learning ; higher education Synonyms: brains, culture, education, enlightenment, knowledge, learning, refinement, scholarship Antonyms: ignorance Used in a Sentence: He possessed great erudition and piety, and was eminent as a writer. / A massive work of great erudition, some 1100 other works being referred to in the text. / This short book covers a lot of ground, displaying formidable erudition and intellectual agility.

The World is Your Classroom

You are not required to follow the public schools curriculum. Remember, the majority of children in the public school system are failing in more ways than one. The world is your classroom! This is the one of the core reasons why so many home schooled children do well & are diverse in their education.

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