Benjamin Solomon Carson – Biography & Question Follow Up

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Read the Biography of Benjamin Solomon Carson

and answer the questions below.


  1. Who was the biography about? (full name)

  2. Where did Ben live?

  3. What grade did Ben’s mother drop out of?

  4. Why did Ben’s mother leave his father?

  5. How did Ben’s mother support her family on her own?

  6. What did Sonya, Ben’s mother teach her boys?

  7. What kind of career did Ben dream about as a child and why?

  8. How did Ben do in school? Explain from start to finish.

  9. When did Ben’s temper / anger issue start?

  10. What did Sonya, Ben’s mother, do to try to help turn her boys around?

  11. How did Ben feel about his mother making him do his homework and read while the children were outside playing?

  12. What kind of books did Ben read?

  13. After reading so many books, how long did it take for Ben to impress his teacher and classmates with his newly found knowledge?

  14. In school, what subject did Ben have a proficient knowledge about that impressed the teachers?

  15. What college did Ben attend?

  16. His family was very poor, how did they pay for him to attend college?

  17. Ben was a success in school, but what happened with this anger issues?

  18. Give situations when Ben lost control of his anger.

  19. What finally helped Ben control his anger?

  20. After Ben graduated college what did he become?

  21. As a surgeon, what is Ben famous for?

  22. In 2002, what forced Ben to take a break from his career?

  23. Name 3 books Ben wrote.

  24. What type of recognition has Ben receive?

  25. Read Ben’s quotes on the bottom left of the link above. Which quote is your favorite? and why?


A movie called “Gifted Hands”, was made about him.

Watch it on YouTube here

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