Commonly Confused Words

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Week 1

  1. your / you’re
  2. Stationary/ Stationery
  3. whether, weather, and wether
  4. whether / if
  5. who / whom
  6. will /shall
  7. censor/ censor / censure
  8. accept / except
  9. affect / effect
  10. advise / advice


you’re – short for you are.               Example Your a beautiful woman.
yourYour shows that something belongs to “you” or is related to “you”
          Example: Put away your coat.
Stationary – not moving
            Example: The table is stationary.
Stationery – writing or office supplies
           Example: Place the stationery on the table.
Whether –  a conjunction with a similar meaning to if
       Example: I wanted to to know whether you wanted something to eat.

Weather – refers to the state of the atmosphere
    Example: The weather is cloudy today.
Wether – a castrated ram
             Example: Separate the wether from the other animals
Who –  the subject of a verb.
Whom – never the subject of a verb.
Will –  Example: I will take out the trash. Shall –          Example: Shall I take out the trash?
Censor to forbid public distribution of something
Sensor-  a detector.
Censure- a formal rebuke or official displeasure.
Affect – to take or receive
Effect – apart from or excluding. Advise – a suggestion for a beneficial course of action. Adviceto give advice.

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