Grammar Worksheets

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Rhetorical Issues: Handouts

Writing Term Papers
Writing Definitions
Writing a Longer Paper
Principles of Organization
Thesis and Thesis Statements
Thesis Statement Guidelines
Introductions and Conclusions
Concluding Paragraphs
Paragraph Development
Transitional Words and Their Use
Transitions and Connective Phrases

Style and Usage: Handouts

Phrases to Avoid
Commonly Confused Words
Homonym List
Parallelism Explained

Style and Usage: Worksheets

Commonly Confused Words Worksheet key
Homonym Worksheet 1 key
Homonym Worksheet 2 key
Homonym Worksheet 3 key
Passive Voice key
Redundancy 1 key
Redundancy 2  key
Trite Expressions Worksheet key
Wordiness Worksheet 1 key
Revising Paragraphs With Excessive Coordination key
Diction and Usage Worksheet key
Faulty Diction Worksheet 1 key
Faulty Diction Worksheet 2 key
Double Negatives Worksheet key
Parallelism Worksheet 1 key
Parallelism Worksheet 2 key
Parallelism Worksheet 3 key

Grammar: Handouts

The Possessive Noun
English Verb Tenses
Auxiliary Verbs Explained
Articles Defined
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Working With Prepositions

Grammar: Worksheets

Sentence Parts Worksheet key
Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Clauses Worksheet key
Verbs and Relative Clauses Worksheet key
Subordination Worksheet key
Correcting Comma Splices Worksheet 1 key
Sentence Fragments Worksheet 1 key
Sentence Fragments Worksheet 2 key
Identifying Subjects key
Nouns as Subjects key
Adjectives and Adverbs Worksheet key
Articles Worksheet key
Pronoun/Antecedent Worksheet 1 key
Pronoun/Antecedent Worksheet 2 key
Pronoun Case Worksheet 1 key
Pronoun Case Worksheet 2 key
Who vs. Whom Worksheet  key
Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet 1 key
Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet 2 key
Subject/Verb Agreement Worksheet 3 key
Verb Forms Worksheet 1 key
Verb Forms Worksheet 2 key
Verb Forms Worksheet 3 key
Verb Tense Worksheet 1 key
Dropped Endings and Verb Tense Worksheet key
Irregular Verbs Worksheet 1 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 1 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 2 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 3 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 4 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 5 key
Auxiliary Verb Worksheet 6 key
The Verb “Do” Worksheet key
The Verb “Have” Worksheet key
Preposition Worksheet 1 key
Preposition Worksheet 2 key

Punctuation and Mechanics: Handouts

Simple Punctuation Rules
Comma Rules (basic)
Apostrophe Rules (all forms)
Possessive Apostrophe Rules
The ‘S Problem
Direct Quotation Rules
Punctuating Independent and Dependent Clauses

Punctuation and Mechanics: Worksheets

Apostrophe Worksheet 1 key
Apostrophe Worksheet 2 key
Possessive Apostrophe Worksheet 1 key
Possessive Apostrophe Worksheet 2 key
Possessive Apostrophe Worksheet 3 key
Possessive Forms Worksheet  key
Capitalization Worksheet 1 key
Capitalization Worksheet 2 key
Capitalization Worksheet 3 key
Comma Worksheet 1 key
Comma Worksheet 2 key
Comma Worksheet 3 key
Comma Worksheet 4 key
Comma Worksheet 5 key
Comma Worksheet 6 key
Comma Worksheet 7 key
Commas and Semicolons Worksheet 1 key
Commas and Semicolons Worksheet 2 key
Commas with Conjunctions Worksheet key
Punctuating Adverb Clauses key
Quotation Marks Worksheet  key

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