Phonics: R-Controlled Vowels (Lesson 14)

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R-Controlled Vowels

When a vowel is followed by an r, it makes a special sound. These are called r-controlled vowels, or r-colored vowels. These phonemes are as follows:

  • /ar/ sound as in car, guitar, Arthur
  • /âr/ sound as in care, bear, mare, scare, aquarium
  • /îr/ sound as in pier
  • /ir/ sound as in turnip, spider, certificate, and beaver
  • /or/ sound as in manor, observatory, author, brought, and orchard
  • /er/ sound as in butter, cutter, and mother

Usually, /ar/ always sounds like the ar in car, and /or/ always sounds like the or in for. The ir, er, and ur, sound the same as in bird, her, and fur. These all make a /ər/ sound.

Information taken from Phonics on the web


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“ar” word matching game

“ar” words Story Time, “Car Race”

“or” word matching game

“or” picture hunt game

“or” Story Time, “My Horse Glory”

Match the word, “er, ir, ur” interactive game

Word Sort, the “er, ir & ur” control interactive game

“er”, “ir”, & “ur” Story Time, “Surfer Girl”

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