Reading and Reading Comprehension

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialReading Skills  (02:55) Get tips to improve your reading skills and reading comprehension. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A Contact your local school to get a password for Brainpop. Most public schools are connected and as a homeschooler you are still part of the school system of your local county.   Better Reading Comprehension by Taking notes   Read Theory – Online Reading Comprehension Tracker
Read Theory adapts to student ability to provide the perfect reading passages and questions. Their program is completely free for an unlimited number of teacher and student users. Track your students reading comprehension and utitilze their system to engage your student and advance them to a higher reading comprehension level.
Download this worksheet- Read Theory Summary in Your Own Words (from Academy of Erudition) that will help develop reading comprehension skills.    

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