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Learning New Spelling Words: Students should have a new Spelling Word list of 20 words every week to study the spelling & definition. Exercises:

  1. Day 1: Use each Spelling Word in a Sentence (students are forced to look up each word they do not know in a dictionary & use it properly in a sentence.)
  2. Day 2: Look up each Spelling Word in a Thesaurus to find a word that could replace it. (this will help students see the relationship & similarities with other words, giving them a deeper understanding of the word)
  3. Day 3: Write each Spelling Word in ABC Order (This will help with learning to spell. Students should have two columns.)
  4. Day 4:  Spelling Words 3x’s Each & Study words for tomorrow’s test.
  5. Day 5: Spelling Test & Possible Vocabulary Test also

PLAY A GAME WITH YOUR SPELLING LIST: Spelling List Games- KidsSpell.com – Select a spelling list or create your own.  Once created or chosen.  Click the button “Select spelling list” below your spelling words.  Then, choose a game to load your spelling list on.

Spelling Practice Directions The Worksheet Place – Words that Rhyme, use this with your spelling words

#1 Short (a) #32 Vowel Pattern (old, ost)
#2 Short (i) #33 Variant Vowel Pattern (or)
#3 Short (u) #34 Review (o-e, oe, oa, -o, ow, old, ost)
#4 Short (o) #35 Vowel Pattern (u-e, ue)
#5 Short (e) #36 Vowel Pattern (ew, ui)
#6 (ea) Combination #37 Review (u-e, ue, ui, ew)
#7 Digraph (th) #38 Review Long Vowel Patterns
#8 Digraph (wh) #39 Suffix (bye-bye “e”)
#9 Digraph (sh) #40 Contractions
#10 Digraph (ch) #41 Spelling Pattern (are)
#11 Bossy “r” (ar) #42 Variant Vowel Bossy “r” (ur)
#12 Vowel Pattern (a-e, ay) #43 Variant Vowel Bossy “r” (er)
#13 Vowel Pattern (ai, eigh) #44 Variant Vowel Bossy “r” (ir)
#14 Review (a-e, ai, ay, eigh) #45 Variant Vowel Bossy “r” (or)
#15 Singular, Plural (ant, ants) #46 Variant Vowel Pattern (long oo)
#16 Singular, Plural (branch, branches) #47 Variant Vowel Pattern (short oo)
#17 Suffixes (ed, ing) #48 Variant Vowel Pattern (ow, ou)
#18 Ending (le) as in apple #49 Variant Vowel Pattern (aw, au, al, all)
#19 Vowel Pattern (ee, -e) #50 (wa) as in water
#20 Vowel Pattern (ea) #51 Variant Vowel Pattern (oy, oi)
#21 Vowel Pattern (-y) #52 Soft c (ce, ci, cy)
#22 Vowel Pattern (ey, ie) #53 Soft g (ge, gi, gy)
#23 Review (ee, ea, -e, -y, ey, ie) #54 Soft g (dge)
#24 Vowel Pattern (i-e, ie) #55 (ch) as in chimney, chef…
#25 Vowel Pattern (igh, -y) #56 Initial Blends
#26 Vowel Pattern (ind, ild) #57 Final Blends
#27 Review (i-e, ie, igh, -y, ind, ild) #58 Silent Letters (ph, gh)
#28 Spelling Rule (plural) #59 Digraph (ng)
#29 Vowel Pattern (o-e, oe) #60 Ending (tion, sion)
#30 Vowel Pattern (oa, -o) #61 Silent Letters (wr, kn, mn, mb)
#31 Vowel Pattern (ow)
(Print Words and cross them out as you use them)
(Print Words and cross them out as you use them)
Kids Spell – Grade  1 to 12 Spelling List (also use list to play games)
USE YOUR OWN SPELLING WORDS: As children make spelling errors add to their next week’s spelling list.  If get any words wrong a test.  Repeat it on the next.  No need for failures in homeschool More Spelling Lists:
  • Spelling Word lists can come from misspelled words by the student or from their reading assignments.
  • Reading or Studying chapters from the Scriptures can prove to have a good amount of potential Spelling Words –

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