The Passover

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Summary of the Exodus of the Israelites

HOW DID THE ISRAELITES ENDED UP IN EGYPT The Story of the Passover Begins in Egypt.  Israel & his children escaped the famine by an special invitation from the Pharaoh, who favored Joseph, to come live there & “to eat the fat of the land” (Exodus 45:16-28).  The Israelites settle in the land of Goshen, Egypt (Exodus 47:1). HOW DID THE ISRAELITES END AS EGYPTIAN SLAVES After Jacob, also known as Israel, died & also Joseph & his brethren.  The children of Israel continued to live in the land of Goshen.  During their sojourn, the children of Israel multiplied greatly & a new king arose which did not know Joseph.  He commands his people to deal wisely with the Israelites because they grew to be more & mightier than the Egyptians & the land was filled with Israelites.  This was done because the current Pharaoh feared that the Israelites would one day over power them, join with their enemies to fight against them & take their land away from them. This is how the Israelites became slaves in the land of Egypt.  This is the Exodus story ready to unfold.  They set up taskmasters to afflict them with chores & heavy labors.  The Israelites were made to build Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom & Raames.  Contrary to their their plan to bring down the Israelites in number, the more they were afflicted & burdened with labors, the more they increased.  The Egyptians made the Israelites to serve with harshness with heavy labors of & their lives were made bitter by being captives to make mortor, brick, & all kinds of field work. PHARAOH’S ORDER TO KILL ALL NEW BORN BABY BOYS Soon after the Pharaoh conceived another plan to annihilate the Israelites by killing off all the new baby boys that were born to the Israelite woman.  The midwives feared YHWH and did not obey Pharaoh’s orders to kill all new born baby boys, but saved them alive & told the Pharaoh that the Hebrew women had the babies before they got there.  YHWH was pleased with the midwives & made them houses.  The Israelites continued to multiple. PHARAOH’S ORDER TO THROW BABY BOYS INTO A RIVER Pharaoh decided to take matters into his own hands & he ordered all his people to throw all new born sons of the Hebrew Israelites, but save the daughters alive.  An Israelite woman out of the tribe of Levi had a son,  which she hid three months because she thought he was special.  When she could not hide him any longer, she took an ark of bulrushes, & put her son into it & laid it in the reed by the river side.  His sister stood off to see what would happen to her brother. PHARAOH’S DAUGHTER SAVES MOSES Pharaoh’s daughter came to wash herself by the river with her Maidens & saw the ark.  She sent her maidens to get it.  When she opened it, she saw the child crying & she had compassion for him & realized it was one of the Hebrews’ children.  Hiss sister asked Pharaoh’s daughter if she would like her to get a nurse for the baby for her.  She agreed to that suggestion & his sister went & called his mother.  Pharaoh’s daughter told her to take the boy away & nurse it for her & she paid the baby’s mother to take care of him.  When the child grew, he became Pharaoh’s daughter’s son.  She called his name Moses, because she drew him from water. MOSES KILLS AN EGYPTIAN Moses always knew he was a Hebrew Israelite & one day he went out to see the burdens that his people had by the Egyptians.  He spied an Egyptian attacking a Hebrew Israelite.  He looked both ways before he killed that Egyptian & hid him in the sand.   The next day, Moses saw two Hebrew Israelites fighting together & he asked them, “why do you strive with each other?”  They also asked him who made him a judge over them? & if he was also going to kill them as he did that Egyptian?  This made Moses believe that this was known throughout Egypt, so he fled to Midian  in fear of the Pharaoh. Moses sat down by a well & seven daughters of the priest of the Midians came to drew water & he helped them when the Shepherds drove them away.   They mistook him for an Egyptian when they went back to tell their father.   BURNING BUSH Burning Bush Animation   Written by Bayawa Israel

10 Plagues of Egypt

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