Drugs & Substance Abuse

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialDrug Abuse  (02:49) Everyone says that drugs are bad, and that you should stay away from them. We agree, but have you ever wondered why? This animated movie gives you the low-down on why drug abuse is a bad idea. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Addiction  (03:05) Jonesing for a movie on drug abuse? Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Alcohol  (02:24) Learn all about the drug called alcohol. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Smoking  (02:16) Tim and Moby explain why cigarettes are addictive and bad for your body. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Steroids  (03:53) There’s been a lot in the news about steroid abuse, from high school athletes to professional sports. Find out what it does and why it’s so dangerous. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A