Getting in Shape & Staying in Shape 101

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Addiction  (03:05) Jonesing for a movie on drug abuse? Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A Drug Abuse  (02:49) Everyone says that drugs are bad, and that you should stay away from them. We agree, but have you ever wondered why? This animated movie gives you the low-down on why drug abuse is a bad idea. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A Learn more about drug & substance abuse here  


Body Weight  (02:36) There are many body types, but being too fat or too thin can be unhealthy! Find out more about this important issue! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Obesity  (05:31) The obesity crisis is growing, but smart eating and regular exercise can keep the pounds off! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Eating Disorders  (04:01) Learn about these devastating psychological conditions. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A


 Nutrition  (04:38) Well, SURE you should eat a balanced diet, but have you ever wondered why? Find the answers here! Quiz | FYI | Q&A   Fats  (03:38) Drop that fudge! Watch this movie on fats first. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Carbohydrates  (03:36) Don’t fill up on bread; you’ll spoil your appetite. Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Metabolism  (02:51) Metabolism: it’s a mini-power plant for your cells! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Organic Food  (02:12) Is it really healthier to buy organic? Tim and Moby shop around for answers. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A  


Fitness  (02:13) Keeping fit is a great way to stay healthy and live a long life! Learn more with this movie on fitness! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Muscles  (03:05) Muscles make moving easy! Learn about them in this animated movie! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A