Human Stages

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialMotherhood  (04:28) Find out what motherhood’s all about! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Fetal Development  (04:20) Tim and Moby explain how human beings begin life as a single fertilized cell! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Infancy  (02:56) Ga ga goo goo (Translation: Infants rock!) Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Babies  (02:42) Do you remember being a baby? Learn how human babies develop, from conception to birth! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Adolescence  (03:28) Ah, yes, the wonder years… Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Puberty  (02:36) What the heck is happening to me? Tim and Moby answer some common questions about puberty and growing up in this animated movie! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Adulthood  (02:53) Growing up means both fun and responsibility — find out what it’s like to be an adult! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Aging  (03:08) Aging is a natural part of life. What happens to your body as you grow older? Tim and Moby can’t wait to show you! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A   Death  (03:30) See what happens when death becomes us. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A