FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialLearn about Energy Find out what energy is, get answers to the 10 most common questions about energy, learn many energy terminologies.  See the Day 1-9 Lesson Plan to learn about energy. Play the Jeopardy energy game, Watch Videos, Slides, & Complete energy worksheets.

Lesson Plan Goal

  • Acquire a good understanding and knowledge about Energy
  • Learn Energy Terminology
See Day 1 – Day 9 to follow the Lesson Plan;
  • Start with Day 1
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  • Complete the Last Day with a Test

1) Learn the Top 10 Common Questions about Energy Read and Watch the Videos & Slides 2) Print & Complete the following worksheets

  • Complete the following worksheets
Potential or Kinetic Energy Sources of Energy

My Energy Journal

  • Print & Read the Energy Terms out loud with another student taking turns
Energy (Beginning Level) Study Sheet Energy (Full Terms) Study Sheet
  •  Complete the Following Worksheets
Make a Pinwheel Pinwheel  Worksheet

  • Read the Study terms out loud with another student taken turns
  • Complete one of these Crossword Puzzles
Energy Crossword – Easier Energy Crossword – More Challenging

Wheel-of-Fortune-and-Jeopardy-Moving-to-THQ-2Play Jeopardy! See the Jeopardy tab Play Jeopardy Energy Game

  • Take one of the Multiple Choice Energy Quizzes
MULTIPLE CHOICE Energy Multiple Choice – More Challenging Energy Multiple Choice – Easier
  • Review your incorrect answers & study for the energy terminology test in 2 days

  • Use the Study terms to define the energy terms in your own words
DEFINE IN YOUR OWN WORDS Energy (Full) Lined Terms Energy (Beginning Level) Lined Terms
  • Study for your energy terminology test tomorrow

Brainpop Forms of Energy  (01:52) – Video Tim and Moby talk energy and find out where it comes from in this BrainPOP movie. Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A Brainpop Energy Sources  (03:50) – Video We all use energy to light our homes, run our cars, and cook our food. But where does all that energy come from? Learn about sources of energy in this animated movie! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A Brainpop Force  (03:00) – Video What makes you go from 0 to 60? Tim and Moby investigate the mystery of force. Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A Batteries  (02:24) You never notice them until they run out of juice! But they power everything from handheld games to submarines… Learn the science behind batteries in this animated movie! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A Brainpop Power  (03:27) – Video What’s it take to get work done quickly? Power, dude. Power. Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A Electric Circuits  (03:45) Electrons are your friends. Learn how to make them work for you! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A Electromagnets  (02:53) Electricity and magnetism…two sides of the same coin. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Electromagnetic Induction  (02:25) How are electricity and magnetism related? Tim looks into the shocking truth. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Electricity  (01:42) There’s more to electricity than just turning on a switch. Check out this movie as Tim and Moby explore the mysteries of electricity! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Time Line | Q&A   Brainpop Gas and Oil  (04:02) – Video Oil makes the world go round. Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Fossil Fuels  (03:33) What makes cars go? Fossil fuels! What lights up gas grills and stoves? Fossil fuels! What’s made from dead plants and animals? Why, they’re fossil fuels, and there featured right here! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Brainpop Fuel Cells  (02:55) – Video Are you ready for the future of energy? While they’re still being perfected, fuel cells are one of the most promising energy technologies to come around in a long while! Check out this animated movie to learn more! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A   Brainpop Kinetic Energy  (02:28) – Video Let Tim and Moby show you stuff about kinetic energy, the energy of motion in this swell animated movie! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A   Brainpop Biofuels  (05:00) – Video Learn about cleaner-burning, entirely renewable fuels! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Brainpop Potential Energy  (02:06) – Video How do you know when an object has potential energy? It’s easier than you think, and more stuff has potential energy than you’d believe! Find out more in this animated movie! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A   Brainpop Wind Energy  (03:40) – Video Find out how moving air can be turned into electricity, and why wind power rocks! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A   Brainpop Solar Energy  (02:59) – Video The sun is pretty much an endless source of energy. Find out how we’re harnesssing its rays! Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Q&A   Brainpop Nuclear Energy  (02:01) – Video Unlock the awesome power of the atom with Tim and Moby in this animated movie! Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Experiment | Time Line | Q&A

Learn these Vocabulary Words to Complete Worksheets

  1. Activation Energy – Activation energy of a reaction is the amount of energy needed to start the reaction.
  2. Appliance – A piece of equipment, commonly powered by electricity, used to perform a particular energy-driven function.
  3. Battery – An energy storage device made up of one or more electrolyte cells.
  4. Biodiesel – An alternative fuel that can be made from any fat or vegetable oil. It can be used in any diesel engine with few or no modifications.
  5. Calorie – A unit for measuring heat energy.
  6. Carbon Dioxide – A colorless, odorless noncombustible gas with the formula CO2 that is present in the atmosphere.
  7. Chemical Energy – Energy stored in a substance and released during a chemical reaction such as burning wood, coal, or oil.
  8. Circuit(s) – A conductor or a system of conductors through which electric current flows.
  9. Coal – A fossil fuel formed by the breakdown of vegetable material trapped underground without access to air.
  10. Collector Field – The area where many solar collectors are situated in a solar power plant.
  11. Diesel Fuel – A fuel composed of distillates obtained in petroleum refining operation or blends of such distillates with residual oil used in motor vehicles.
  12. Direct Current – An electric current that flows in only one direction through a circuit, as from a battery.
  13. Electricity – A form of energy characterized by the presence and motion of elementary charged particles generated by friction, induction, or chemical change.
  14. Electromagnetic – Having to do with magnetism produced by an electric current.
  15. Electromagnetic Energy – Energy that travels in waves, such as ultra-violet radiation. It can be thought of as a combination of electric and magnetic energy
  16. Energy – The ability to do work or the ability to move an object
  17. Force – Something which changes the state of rest or motion of something.
  18.  Fuel – Any material that can be burned to make energy.
  19. Gas – (1) A non-solid, non-liquid (as hydrogen or air) substance that has no fixed shape and tends to expand without limit.
  20. Grid – The layout of an electrical distribution system.
  21. Horsepower – A unit for measuring the rate of work (or power) equivalent to 33,000 foot-pounds per minute or 746 watts.
  22. Incandescent Light Bulb – An incandescent bulb is a type of electric light in which light is produced by a filament heated by electric current. The most common example is the type you find in most table and floor lamps.
  23. Inertia – A property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some outside force.
  24. Joule – A metric unit for measuring work and energy, named after James Joule. It is equal to the work done when a one ampere current is passed through a resistance of one ohm for one second.
  25. Kinetic – The energy of a body which results from its motion.
  26. Light – Radiant electromagnetic energy that an observer can see.
  27. Load – The power and energy requirements of users on the electric power system in a certain area or the amount of power delivered to a certain point.
  28. Magnet – Any piece of iron, steel, etc., that has the property of attracting iron or steel.
  29. Oil – The raw material that petroleum products are made from. A black liquid fossil fuel found deep in the Earth.
  30. Power – The rate at which energy is transferred.Power Plant – A facility where power, especially electricity, is generated.
    1. Brainpop Power  (03:27) – Video What’s it take to get work done quickly? Power, dude. Power. Game | Quiz | Activity | FYI | Q&A
  31. Radiation – Any high-speed transmission of energy in the form of particles or electromagnetic waves.
  32. Solar Energy – The radiant energy of the sun, which can be converted into other forms of energy, such as heat or electricity.
  33. Watt – A metric unit of power, usually used in electric measurements, which gives the rate at which work is done or energy used.
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