Introduction to Social Pschology

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialIntroduction to Social Psychology Social Psychology is the Scientific Study about how people “Think About”, “Influence” and “Relate” to one another.   Impressions –

Physical Appreances

Cognitive schemas

Stereotypes & Prejudice

Attraction Obedient to Authority Expectation Confirmation. Group Psychology

Bystander Effect

Conformity to Others

Productivity in Groups

Insufficient Coordination
Social Loafing

is the reduced effort people invest in a task when they are working with other people.

Social loafing is particularly likely to happen in the following circumstances:

  • When the group is large
  • When it is difficult to evaluate individual contributions to a task
  • When people expect their coworkers to pick up the slack

Diffusion of responsibility

contributes to social loafing. A person does not feel as responsible for working on a task if several others are also present, since responsibility is distributed among all those present.


When people become deindividuated, they lose their inhibitions and their sense of responsibility and are not self-conscious about their behavior. Deindividuation is a major reason for the violence that sometimes happens in mobs.

Social Facilitation –

(some  cases) individuals perform better when other people are present.  (usually easy tasks)

Group Decision-Making


Group Polarization

Minority Influence


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