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Learn about each Scientific Profession -What kind of scientist should you be? Take a quiz then find out more about science careers. (For the quiz, scroll down and click on “suits you!” then to find out more, click on your browser’s back button to return to the webpage.)
Meet your Match– real scientists spill the beans on their work, their lifestyle and their social life…Take a Quiz to see which Science Profession is best for you! Hats off to science
some more profiles – this time of people who are not scientists. Science gives you lots of skills for your career in the future, whatever that turns out to be.Day in the Life find out what real scientists do all day. We call in on them for an I-spy.Aquapharm do you have a brain for science AND a head for business? Find out how NESTA awardee Aquapharm makes money out of microbes!Faces of modern science posters must have wall accessories to highlight diverse science role models in the school lab or classroomsuits you! find out which areas of science are for you with our Very Unscientific Personality Quiz!Girls! 10 Reasons why a career in Science just might be just the thing for YOU! giant posters classy BIG posters for you to download FREE PHSE careers worksheets get your year 8 and 9 kids really thinking about what they really want! fairs fair! graduate career fairs and how to make the most of them… agony archive still flumoxed? check out the agony careers advice archive. outside track want to get into a science career but got off on the wrong foot? no problem… FAMOUS SCIENTISTS
American Museum of Natural History Meet six scientists and find out about their discoveries to fight infection and disease. (Click on the Amazing Microbe Hunters.)
Website 2 Discover more about Einstein and his ideas.
Website 3 Quick facts about the scientists Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Edison and Tesla.
Website 4 An A to Z guide to some important women scientists.
Website 5 The lives and work of natural history scientists Linnaeus, Darwin, Owen and others.
Website 6 Find out about Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle, and their discoveries.
Website 7 Famous British astronomers, paleontologists and other scientists and their discoveries.
Website 8 Browse scientists and their discoveries by century or theme, from Archimedes’ water screw to Tim Berner-Lee’s World Wide Web.
Cool Jobs in Science– Watch videos about different cool jobs in science

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