Ethics & Morality

What are Ethics? ETH’ICS, noun The doctrines of morality or social manners; the science of moral philosophy, which teaches men their duty and the reasons of it. 1. A system of moral principles; a system of rules for regulating the actions and manners of men in society.   What does mean to have good Ethics & Morality? Only the true Judge can dictate what are good Ethics and what is Immoral. That Judge is the Creator YHWH.  His principles, guidelines and laws concerning Ethnics & Morals are written in the scriptures.  We know good Ethics when we keep his commandments and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.  The Laws of YHWH is a system of moral philosophy. When we study Ethics & Morals at the Academy of Erudition, we are studying the Scriptures, also known as the Bible.

Women in the Bible

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