Writing a Letter Instructions, Guides, Exercises & Lessons

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorial FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites tutorialWriting a Letter Instructions, Guides, Exercises & Lessons There are many types of letters from Friendly Letters to Business Letters. You will learn the many types of friendly & business letters and their format. Sample Letters of Many Types: http://www.letterwritingguide.com/. 


Friendly Letter

  Format & Instructions   Sample of a Friendly Letter other Friendly Letters Writing an Apology LetterSample Apology Letter Writing an Invitation LetterSample Invitation Letter Writing Thank You NotesThank You Note Sample Writing Love LettersLove Letter Sample Writing a Condolence LetterSample Condolence Letter   Exercises:
  1. Write notes in your writing notebook about the format of a Friendly Letter.
  2. Choose a type of friendly letter to write and the person you will be writing it to
  3. Write a Friendly letter and follow the format of a friendly letter

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